Notable people edit Women edit Andrea Alföldi (born 1964 Hungarian race walker Andrea Allan (born 1946 American actress Andrea Anders (born 1975 American actress Andrea Armstrong (born 1982 former American collegiate basketball player Andrea Ávila (born 1970 Argentine long and triple jumper Andrea Baker, American.Dear friends, You can now listen and download Andrea and Suzanita's song "Strogo Zabraneno" from all music platforms.

It is traditionally popular because, according to the Christian Bible, Saint Andrew was one of the earliest disciples of Jesus and one of the twelve.In Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, Andrea is a feminine name; Andreja can be used as female name, while Andrija, Andro and Andrej are masculine forms.

13081368 Florentine painter, sculptor and architect Andrea Palladio (15081580 Italian architect Andrea Pazienza (19561988 Italian comics artist Andrea Pirlo (born 1979 World Cup -winning Italian football player Andrea Pisano (c.Andrea is a given name which is common worldwide, cognate.1538) was an Istrian music printer, editor, publisher and composer of the Renaissance Andrea Aleksi (14251505 Albanian architect Andrea Ammonio (c.