Cruising is a 1980 erotic crime thriller film written and directed by, william Friedkin and starring, al Pacino, Paul Sorvino, and.3 The deleted footage, according to Friedkin, consisted entirely of footage from the clubs in which portions of the film were shot and consisted of "absolutely graphic at material showed the most graphic homosexuality with Pacino watching, and with the intimation that he may have.Taking It Like a Man: White Masculinity, Masochism, and Contemporary American Culture.

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Dunlap (June 25, 2016) New Yorks Own Anti-Gay Massacre, Now Barely Remembered, The New York Times, accessed b "Interior.11 Gay people were urged to disrupt filming, and gay-owned businesses to bar the filmmakers from their premises.Burns brings the man into custody, but shortly afterward, Ted's mutilated body is found.