Garolla, A; Torino, M; Sartini, B; Cosci, I; Patassini, C; Carraro, U; Foresta, C (2013).Australia and Canada edit In Australia and Canada, saunas are found mainly in hotels, swimming pools, and health clubs and if used by both men and women, nudity is forbidden.Consequently, the heat of fresh steam may sometimes be felt most strongly in the furthest corners of the sauna.

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"Stress, adaptation, and disease.It is believed that the sauna helps the new mother's body return to its normal condition more quickly.Cold showers or baths shortly after a sauna, as well as exposure to fresh air in a special balcony, garden or open-air room ( Frischluftraum ) are considered a must.

Removing body hair in the sauna, staring at other's nudity or spreading odors is considered impolite.When bathing the heat-storage sauna will become as hot as a continuous fire type-sauna (80110 C; 176230 F) but more humid.Cooling down is a part of the sauna cycle and is as important as the heating.